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T8590A T8590B Valve Seat Boring Machine --worktable air-floating

Main features:

The machine tool suits the needs of various cylinder cover for every engine. It adopts the air-floating work table. When equipped with all sorts of tools. It can manufacture the gas valve seats hole for cylinder cover with various angles. When equipped with boring-drilling tools, it can bore, drill, ream the pipe seats hole for gas valve or repair it.

Main specification




Boring diameter

25 –90 mm

Dimension of worktable


Spindle speed range

55, 85, 210, 320,
370, 550 rpm

15 – 800 rpm

Spindle travel

180 mm

Distance from spindle axis to guideway surface

270 mm

Max. distance from end of spindle to working table

750 mm

Moving speed of machine head

512 mm

Cylinder head fixture

movement on the table


Cross 120 mm

Longitudinally 860 mm

Main motor power

1.1/0.85 kw  1400/950 rpm

Machine packing size

1600x1050x2250 mm


1200/1400 kg

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